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Pure Rainbow
Pure Rainbow

Pure Rainbow

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GLASG 2021 Spin Along

4oz fiber put ups

This year we've got 2 colorways, 14 tonals, 2 fiber choices.  That's a lot of options!  The plan was not for this year to be rainbow and rainbow, but that's what wanted to happen.  We've got a pure rainbow based on CYMK primaries and a smutty rainbow based on complex blended colors. 

Fiber options are 100% Southdown and a 75% Southdown/12.5% Soy/ 12.5% Mint blend.  

Southdown is a conservation breed and the breed from which all other down breeds derive.  The foundation of the breed dates as far back as medieval times with records of sheep on the South Downs and it is believed the first sheep in the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in 1609 were from these South Downs flocks.  Breeders began improving the breed in the late 1700s and it soon became the most important breed in England.  Modern Southdowns are divided into three types based on size, the medium-sized used in commercial agriculture, the Baby Doll, and Miniature or Toy -- both of which are primarily kept as pets or in spinners' flocks.  Miniature Southdowns are only 24" tall at the withers!  Southdown has a staple length of 1.5-4", is 23-29 microns, and the fleece is resilient, springy, and lofty.  Down breeds are naturally felt resistant.  This fiber would be great for socks, mittens, hats, sweaters, etc.  It will be durable but can still be worn next to the skin.  It is not princess soft though.

Soy fiber is as soft as cashmere, breathes as well as cotton, almost as insulating as wool, and is stronger than silk.  Soy is also antibacterial, UV-resistant, and contains amino acids that are good for the skin.  On top of all of this, soy has a great luster, is easy-care, and takes dye beautifully. 

Mint fiber is soft and lustrous.  It is extremely soft at about 4-5 microns.  This fiber is produced using cotton and peppermint leaves in an eco-friendly closed loop process.  It is drapey, slinky, shiny, cool to the touch, and antibacterial.  

Shave 'Em to Save 'Em stickers available on request.

These items are dye to order and will not ship ASAP.


Standard Disclaimers: Fiber is processed in a non-smoking home that is pet friendly. All efforts have been made to accurately capture the colors of the fiber, however monitors and settings may vary. Fiber is thoroughly rinsed to remove all excess dye, but as with all hand dyed products there may be some minor bleeding. Please wash using cold water.