Sparkletits  -- Fiber v1

Sparkletits -- Fiber v1

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"If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out -- Sparkletits"

Part of the #titsoutcollective -- $4 from every product sold in this collection through July 31st will be donated to My Friend's Place -- a program that assists homeless youth in Los Angeles build self-sufficient lives. 

Sold in sets of 2 two ounce batts for a total of four ounces 

Merino, Firestar, Silk Noil, Sari Silk, Angelina


Add-ins are through-out the batts, not just on the top layer, because it makes me angry when I buy a gorgeous batt and then discover all the cool shit's just on top.



Standard Disclaimers: Fiber & yarn are processed in a non-smoking home that is pet friendly. All efforts have been made to accurately capture the colors, however monitors and settings may vary. Fiber and yarn are thoroughly rinsed to remove all excess dye, but as with all hand dyed products there may be some minor bleeding. Please wash using cold water.