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Perfect Sock Pack: Classy Stripe Sparkle
Perfect Sock Pack: Classy Stripe Sparkle
Perfect Sock Pack: Classy Stripe Sparkle

Perfect Sock Pack: Classy Stripe Sparkle

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62.5% Superwash Cheviot
12.5% Soy
12.5% Silk
12.5% Nylon (Firestar)

Perfect sock packs are a curated selection of mini-bumps in a custom milled fiber that I think is perfect for spinning for socks.  A unique component of this fiber blend is soy.  Soy fiber is as soft as cashmere, breathes as well as cotton, almost as insulating as wool, and is stronger than silk.  Soy is also antibacterial, UV-resistant, and contains amino acids that are good for the skin.  On top of all of this, soy has a great luster, is easy-care, and takes dye beautifully.  When creating the perfect sock blend, I knew it needed to include soy.  

When picking the wool component of this blend I thought long and hard before landing on Cheviot.  Cheviot is resilient enough to stand up to normal wear, but still soft enough for next to the skin wear.  Cheviot has a 3-4" staple length, which will reduce pilling.  Cheviot also has the crimp that is needed to produce an elastic yarn -- a must for socks!  Plus, Cheviot is easy and fun to spin.  I opted for a superwash Cheviot because I'm the type of person that's going to accidentally end up sending a sock through the washer and dryer and even though Cheviot is felt resistant I wanted that extra measure of safety.  

I have also added silk and nylon to the blend.  Both fibers provide strength and softness and the nylon adds elasticity.  In the sparkle packs the nylon is in the form of Firestar.  Firestar is just as soft as regular nylon, but has some sparkle/shimmer.  It's isn't an in your face glitter explosion, just a little shine to make your socks special.    

Although these packs were created with socks in mind, they are perfect for just about any easy care next to the skin item you want to spin for.

This pack contains tonal solids: a bright purple/blurple, coral, aqua, and a sandy taupe.  It contains 5oz, 1oz each of purple, coral, and aqua, and 2oz of sandy taupe.  The blue/purple image is just to show the degree of sparkle and is not the purple included in this pack.