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Unicorn Fleece

Unicorn Fleece

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This is what you get when you shear a unicorn.

Sold in 4oz increments.

All hand processed fleece.  Due to the nature of hand processing it may contain some VM.  This is a mix of lots of different breeds to provide interesting variations in each batch.  Fibers may include Teeswater, Lincoln, Border Leicester, Targhee, Merino, Cotswold, Mohair, CVM, Rambouillet, Finn, Corriedale, and Blue Faced Leicester.


Standard Disclaimers: Fiber is processed in a non-smoking home that is pet friendly. All efforts have been made to accurately capture the colors of the fiber, however monitors and settings may vary. Fiber is thoroughly rinsed to remove all excess dye, but as with all hand dyed products there may be some minor bleeding. Please wash using cold water.